The Cure for the Flue

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GoldenFlue Corporate
James Golden, the installer of the first pumped chimney liner in the United States developed Golden Flue that is now installed nationwide by a national dealer network.

GoldenFlue Corporate


At Golden Flue we are dedicated to innovating and improving upon the original cast-in-place system developed over 60 years ago in England. Our continual dedication to product improvement will ensure that you will agree with us that "All Chimneys Are Not Created Equal".


Golden Flue has been installed in historic, residential, and commercial chimneys across the United States.


GoldenFlue Corporate

Golden Flue is comprised of three companies:

  • Golden Flue
    Formulates and manufactures the industry’s top-tested lining mixes.


  • Golden Manufacturing
    Designs and manufactures state-of-the-art equipment to ensure proficiency.


  • Golden’s Chimney Lining
    Lines chimneys on a daily basis and trains new Golden Flue dealers on the job.