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you need to go to great heights, er,lengths, to do the job properly.


Notice the difference between the left side of the chimney which is being worked on, and the right, which is completed.


The proper tool for the job always helps.
Golden Flue is truly "The Cure for the Flue" and has set the standard for the cast lining industry in both mix and equipment. Our dedication to the product and installer cannot be matched.


Golden Flue, a branch of Golden’s Chimney Lining, Inc., was formed in 1986. Golden’s Chimney Lining, formed in 1980, was the first company to install a pumped masonry liner in the United States. We originated the method of carving the smoke chamber to provide a safer chimney and after many years the technique was accepted by our competitors. The experience acquired by Golden Flue comes from the on-the-job experiences of Golden’s Chimney Lining. The mix and equipment have been developed and designed from years of experience.


Golden Flue was the only pumped masonry liner to be tested in 1986 by Arnold Greene Testing Laboratories within the guidelines of the Underwriters Laboratories proposed 1777 standard. While we passed with flying colors the testing was causing problems for others. After numerous complaints U.L. reviewed the standard for testing and reduced the temperatures and time limits. An original flue test of 1400 degrees for 16 hours was reduced to 1000 degrees for 8 hours. The temperature level of 2100 degrees, with 3 test fires for 40 minutes each, was also reduced to 10 minutes each. These changes were made after we had been tested and approved to the higher testing standard.


Golden Flue applied for Underwriters Laboratories Listing in 1991. The qualifications for testing, by Underwriters Laboratories, far exceeded what was expected from the Arnold Green Laboratories. Arnold Green Laboratories and others are less strict in their monitoring of the construction and testing of chimney flues. U.L. testing is difficult due to their close observation of product installation and equipment used. The same method of installation and equipment must be maintained by our installers.If not, liners cannot be classified U.L. listed and will not be warranted.


Golden Flue is the only pumped masonry liner which bears the mark U.L. Listed. We must meet certain requirements to keep our listing in force. U.L. randomly checks our mix manufacturer, to insure the formula used for testing matches what are supplied to our installers. This is good insurance for the installer and customer. Testing by another laboratory would not have benefited our installer with such a follow-up program.


Golden Flue was again tested August 1993 by Warnock Hersey Laboratories. This testing gave Golden Flue a listing of Zero-clearance to combustibles with only 1" of lining thickness.


Golden Flue is the liner that offers the ability to increase flue size and maintain a safe and operable flue.


Golden Flue has the experience and technical information which no distributor can claim. The exciting part is we are only a phone call away for our installers. It is not unusual for installers to call and say how things are going and offer new information to share with other Golden Flue installers.


Golden Flue helps every step of the way in getting you trained. We also advise you on how to sell the product to the homeowner, insurance adjuster, contractor, and others as well as methods of selling against the competition.


Golden Flue took a big step January 1, 1992 in starting Golden Manufacturing. This measure came about due to the fact that equipment plays such a vital role in the final results and performance of a liner. In the past no company was interested in manufacturing this type of equipment nor was the industry being taken seriously. Our newest company, Golden Manufacturing, was formed to supply the installer with this much needed equipment.


Golden Manufacturing has developed the proper equipment which will not change the delicate consistency of the mix. This equipment allows you to install a high quality Golden Flue liner. Most equipment used today is not developed specifically for installing a masonry liner. It has had little or no modification to improve its performance. The uniformity and consistency of the Golden Flue mix is solely dependent upon the equipment used to install the liner in a chimney. Golden Manufacturing is your complete supplier of masonry lining equipment.