Golden Flue being placed in chimney cavity.


Golden Flue, a finished product.


View from above
What support do you offer your dealers?


We offer the following levels of support:



    You are free to call our office when you encounter any situation with which you are not familiar. Our knowledgeable and trained staff is willing to help in almost all situations.



    Our dealers are invited to participate in an annual conference. At the conference,our staff will offer information about Product Updates, New Products, How To Tips,Hands-on-Training when appropriate.



    We have a number of pamphlets that will assist you in your sales. In addition, we have single page fact-sheets that describe in easy to understand language what may be involved in installing a Golden Flue as well as other helpful information, such as chimney pointing.



    From time to time we offer targeted marketing in publications geared to specific interests; for example, those which target chimney restoration.



    This website is an invaluable tool for a dealer because it offers product specific information in a single location that will benefit someone in need of Golden Flue relining.



    As the developers and manufacturers of Golden Flue, we are uniquely familiar with the requirements for its proper installation. We have developed and market tools specific to that task.


What, exactly, is a Cast Masonry Liner?


  • The Cast Masonry Liner is made from a volcanic rock which makes the liner fireproof.
  • Within the rocks are also thousands of microscopic air pockets which makes it very light weight and of excellent thermal insulated quality.


What are the benefits of a Cast Masonry Liner over other liners?


  • First, it adds structural strength to all the bricks and there mortar joints in a chimney.
  • Second, any loose masonry will become bonded together as a continuous one piece system from bottom to top. Any deterioration in a chimney will stop completely.
  • Third, any defects or voids in a chimney will be sealed.
  • Fourth, it will eliminate excess heat transfer through the chimneys masonry surrounding work which becomes the cause of structural fires.
  • Fifth, it will provide a constant flue gas temperature in the chimney in return providing a constant natural draft of the chimney system.
  • Sixth, it reduces flue gas condensation and creosote formation in a chimney.
  • Seventh, it’s increasing the appliance efficiency for operation.